Get to know us

OKW provides quality Polish legal advice with a Western approach to client service and can do so in Polish, English and Dutch.

The firm’s four partners Marta Olczak-Klimek, Maciej Węgiełek, Karolina Lach-Guziak and Remco van der Kroft provide a unique combination of Polish legal expertise and a Dutch no-nonsense client approach. We put our client’s business interests first and pride ourselves in always keeping the broader picture in mind.

The firm’s origins go back to 2004 when Marta started her firm, the same year that Remco came to Poland. OKW has since evolved into a firm with a staff of 26 people.

With three nationalities in the office and work experience in French, Polish, American, Dutch, German and Scandinavian law

firms both in Poland and abroad, we are truly able to bridge the cultural gap and make foreign investors feel at home in Poland.

Because of OKW’s multinational background and international affiliations (Insuralex and DBLA), we are uniquely positioned to support Polish entrepreneurs in their exploits of the world’s markets.

Our support goes much further than just legal advice and litigation. As passionate sailors, we know the importance of teamwork. We try to understand our client’s business and use our contacts and knowledge of the Polish market and our extensive international contacts to help our client succeed, and thus become members of our client’s “crew”.


Company Law

Our corporate legal services include: Setting up companies Company law advice International group structures Corporate secretarial Lawyers in our firm have extensive experience in corporate law, covering limited liability companies, joint stock companies, partnerships as well as limited partnerships. We are particularly well equipped to deal with (international) joint ventures, offering out-of-the-box solutions for dispute resolution.

Real Estate Law

Our real estate law services include: Due diligence on acquisition Seller pre-due diligence Sale and purchase of real estate Real estate financings Real estate leasing Lawyers in our firm have worked within the institutional real estate sector and have advised on real estate transactions in all phases of the life cycle.

Construction Law

Our construction law services include: General contractor agreements Subcontractor agreements Agreements with the architect Litigation for non-performance, default, damages, liens, etc. We understand the issues related to construction law agreements. We know how to deal with the chain of liability from the developer through the general contractor to the smallest


OKW’s lawyers are very experienced in litigation with a particular focus on insurance litigation. Lawyers from our firm have litigated in front of all court levels in Poland, including the Supreme Court. Through our international affiliations with Insuralex and DBLA, we are capable of managing international litigation across the globe.

Employment Law

Our employment law services include: Employment contracts Managerial contracts Expat contracts Dismissals Group dismissals Employment litigation In working as general outside counsel for companies from various industries, we have provided employment law services, including litigation, for all levels of employees.

Insurance Law

Our insurance law services include: Insurance litigation Advice on and drafting of policy documents Advice on and drafting of general conditions Coordinating multijurisdictional insurance litigation Insurance law is one of the core businesses of our firm with 8 people whose practice is predominantly in insurance law.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our M&A services include: Due diligence on acquisition Seller pre-due diligence (preparation of data rooms) (International) negotiations on M&A transactions Before coming to Poland in 2004, Remco van der Kroft worked as an international M&A lawyer in the Netherlands, doing M&A deals in the Netherlands, Russia, Abu Dhabi, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic. We can advise with M&A deals in Poland as well as coordinate deals in multiple jurisdictions.

Tax Law

Through a longstanding cooperation with HMDP, a very experienced Polish tax boutique, we cover the tax aspects of any transaction and provide services in the field of international tax restructuring. For Polish investors group structures involving Netherlands holding companies can be particularly beneficial. When in Chicago working for one of the Big 4 accounting firms, Remco van der Kroft was responsible for coordinating the legal implementation of international tax restructuring projects in more than 20 countries per project.


Dutch Law

Remco van der Kroft is a Netherlands lawyer admitted to the Rotterdam bar. Therefore we can provide services in the field of Netherlands law. Basic Dutch law advice is provided on location in Warsaw and through Remco’s extensive network of contacts in the Netherlands, he will always be able to find the best local Dutch specialist for the job.

Real Estate

One of the industries we know best, is the real estate industry. Lawyers in OKW have a combined real estate experience of 50 years. Remco van der Kroft, before going back into private practice, was a board member of a French shopping center developer in Poland. Maciej Węgiełek for years negotiated all lease agreements for a major Scandinavian office developer and for years has served as the main counsel of a Polish residential real estate developer. Dennis Dart worked for 12 years for one of the major institutional real estate investors in the region.


Our insurance law practice is based on our vast experience in insurance litigation. At any given time we have more than 100 insurance claim cases in court. In addition we advise on insurance policies and general conditions. Marta Olczak-Klimek has worked in insurance law since 2004, advising and litigating for both insurers and insured. Joanna Dębska has worked in insurance litigation since 2005. The insurance law practice consists of 8 lawyers in the firm. We are the member for Poland of Insuralex, an international association of law firms around the globe who focus their practice on insurance and re-insurance law and litigation. Our membership of Insuralex allows us to work on and coordinate multijurisdictional insurance disputes.


We work for a major Dutch software developer and have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting software licenses, implementation and service agreements. We know how to protect a company’s intellectual property created by software developers employed by or cooperating with the company. We also work for a major supplier of hardware (including mainframes).

Medical equipment

For years, one of Marta Olczak-Klimek’s major clients is a supplier of medical equipment. That means that we understand the industry with its peculiarities related to public tenders and the importance of staying away from practices, which could be viewed as corrupt.